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Priest Talents
« on: November 22, 2006, 03:23:41 AM »
This might be like the 20th of these threads I've made, but we're getting some new stuff and all our talent points refunded, so I figure I'll try a new build:]

This is a fairly significant change from my old 21/30/0 Disc/Holy/Shadow spec. My old build was aimed at maxing my heals, however in our recent raiding I've noticed that this combined with my healing style tends to result in a lot of overheal, so this new build sacrifices the size of my heals in exchange for the best mana efficiency and regen I can put together. Ideally this will cut down on my overhealing and allow more time before I start yelling for Arc, Shadow, and Koth to stop what they're doing and Innervate  ;)

It seems like a true raid healing priest would spec as far into Holy as possible, but the only Holy talent I am even tempted to spec for is Holy Concentration, our version of Clearcasting, but that sort of binds me to Greater Heals as it doesn't proc on Heal. In my opinion, our Holy tree is just not satisfactory, I'd suspect Blizz bigwigs don't play priests in their spare time and son't see how ineffective and/or poorly set up some of the Holy tree stuff is.

A quick run down:


Wand Spec for grinding/farming, I've noticed on bosses (Ony and Rajaxx) resisting fear/stun means instant aggro, so I passed on Unbreakable Will.

Silent Resolve is crucial, Improved Fortitude scales way better than the mediocre Improved Shield.

Inner Focus and Meditation are the two absolute best talents for mana regen/efficiency. Mental Agility makes Renew spam cheaper.

Divine Spirit is also useful for mana regen, and Improved DS is a decent raid improvement. On a individual level, 10% of spirit isn't much, but tag that on 20 or 40 people and I think it'll be well worth it. Improving both dmg and healing is a bonus.

Absolution is an OK talent, I may not pick it on it's own, but if mana efficiency is my focus, it was the best way to get to the 30 points needed for Power Infusion.

Power Infusion to boost healing in tight spots, or to make a Warlock or Mage my bets friend for 15 seconds  :D


Improving Renew is awesome for Renew spammers for me, and Healing Focus is a good way to keep people alive despite getting beat up.

I chose Spell Warding over Holy Spec because, like I said, I want to avoid talents that relate to criticals. Spell Warding keeps me alive longer. It may be a minimal damage reduction, but it fits with the point of the build better.

Divine Fury is abosultely necessary to anyone. 3 second Heals and 3.5 seconds Greater Heals are too long. Goss and Uso would've died tons of times in that 0.5 second  :P

Holy Nova is unnecessary, but fun.

Improved Healing is basically a 15% mana reduction on 80% of the healing I do. Good stuff.

Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Priest Talents
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2006, 08:34:18 AM »
looks good to me emma...

and as long as I have it up, ill gladly stop what im doing to blast an innervate at ya :)

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Re: Priest Talents
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2006, 10:27:58 AM »
Sounds good.  I'll have to see what I'll do with Jhade once Dvalin hits the big 60.