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1 More Day till Pandamonium...
« on: September 24, 2012, 12:45:57 PM »
1 more day till MoP goes live guys. Things have been quiet and slow around here as I know most people are just waiting for MoP to release since Cata has become stale. I wanted to give some downtime in the weeks prior to release for relaxation, unwinding and just a break so that when everyone came back for MoP the game was a bit more fresh.

At midnight tomorrow the gates will open to a new land which promises to be a better expansion than the last was but only time will tell on that.

During the leveling process I'll keep tossing up some runs for various things just to keep the experience in raiding somewhat fresh and get everyone an opportunity to re-adjust to group raiding since the level process tends to shift tactics and play-style a bit when you run around solo.

Please just keep in mind not to rush to level 90. The raids aren't going anywhere and there is no prize for first to finish. Enjoy the trip and experience the zones and content. We'll take a look at how the level process unfolds and start planning out raiding in a bit. More than likely the requirements will be the same, working up through heroic 5-mans prior so that we don't get trampled in 10's or maybe 25's =)

I hope to see some faces we havent seen in a while again, when we were able to get people back on for those ICC25 runs it was really nice to play with you all again and hopefully MoP is enough of a reason for your return.

See everyone on the turtle's back tomorrow evening!
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Re: 1 More Day till Pandamonium...
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If you plan to be on at midnight to get started in MoP, the release is midnight PDT for North and Latin American realms. 

Blue post -

For us on the east coast of the US, the launch is not until 3am.