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Arcanite Dragonling
« on: June 12, 2006, 05:55:09 AM »
My Hunter, Nahimana, can now make [wowitem]16022[/wowitem] and I can make them for other people.

The mats, should anyone want one of thier own and be an engineer are:

[wowitem]10576[/wowitem] x1
[wowitem]16006[/wowitem] x8
[wowitem]12655[/wowitem] x10
[wowitem]15994[/wowitem] x6
[wowitem]10558[/wowitem] x4
[wowitem]12810[/wowitem] x6

Yea its a lot of expensive stuff. Its a lot heavier damage then the Mithril one, and instead of Flame Breath like the Mithril one has, the Arcanite has Flame Buffet. Using it today it did a total of 800 fire damage to all the nearby enemies before it kicked the bucket.

Posted a pic of it too. And yes, Goblin Engineers can use this, its not a Gnomish only trinket.
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