Author Topic: Nov 27, 2017 - Removed: Event Signup, DKP (RPS) and Guild Bank Listing...  (Read 286 times)

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Offline Shadowwolf

Just a heads up, the following features have been removed from the site.

Event Signup = Broken and since no scheduled events have been taking place for quite a while, seems unnecessary. Should the guild become more active again in membership, will likely use the in-game signup solution or look to upgrade/replace the old signups.

DKP (RPS) Listing = Again, since guild runs are not taking place and activity is extremely low, seemed unnecessary to keep a loot drop listing. Plus the data contained within it was very old. Keeping it active would only serve as potential exploits to the site.

Guild Bank Listing = Since we really dont have a guild banking system like the days of old using alts and now use the guild bank tabs in game, this seemed another old and unneeded system.
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