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5/29/07 Arena Point Changes
« on: May 29, 2007, 06:31:17 PM »
Today's maintenance brought some changes to how Arena points are calculated.


Quote From: Eyonix (Source)
Arena point gain is intentionally different, and this is in-fact not a bug. A typical team will see a small change in their points, but players with very high or very low ratings will see a much larger change. Below is the new formula.

If rating<=1500 then
(note: this calculation can go negative, but will be floored at 0)

If rating>1500 then
Points=1426.79/(1+918.836*Power(2.71828, -0.00386405*rating))

There is a calculator here that can be used to total up your points based on the new system.

This looks like its benefitting the in-between or average teams the most but severely hurts the top end and very bottom end teams. Someone posted a more clear comparison:

Quote from: Lanshadow
rating =1500
>> 0.38*rating-194
ans =376

Originally: 408

rating =1750
>> (1426.79/(1+918.836*power(2.71828, -0.00386405*rating)))
ans =691.6344

Originally: 679

rating =2000
>> (1426.79/(1+918.836*power(2.71828, -0.00386405*rating)))
ans =1.0158e+003

Originally: 1054

rating =2200
>> (1426.79/(1+918.836*power(2.71828, -0.00386405*rating)))
ans =1.2022e+003

Originally: 1406

rating =1300
>> 0.38*rating-194
ans =300

Originally: 367

rating =1000
>> 0.38*rating-194
ans =186

Originally: 305

Overall, Everyone took a points hit, but this DID NOT help the people at the bottom. Infact, the People at the bottom take a big hit, though not quite as the people at the far top. The people between 1500-2000 were deviated the least, so it appears that Blizzard is catering to the average/above average players and hurting the weak/Strong ones. The VERY strong players will take the biggest hit, BUT they probably needed it to keep the system balanced for new people coming up the ladder.

Hope this helps.
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Re: 5/29/07 Arena Point Changes
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2007, 07:01:58 PM »
myxomytosis has in fact been positioning itself for this event, hence our deliberately mediocre rating curently ;) mwahaha...our plan worked!!!

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Re: 5/29/07 Arena Point Changes
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both teams (for me) are in a position where this change has virtually no effect

oh my next arena piece...not going to get another til season 2 prolly...