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Best Ret Website
« on: August 03, 2008, 09:44:00 PM »
People have been asking me for ret advice and I just found a ridiculously awesome Ret Pally website. It is cleverly named Yea... clever I know.

It has literally everything you could need. Best in class items for every slot for end game raids, best in slot list for mid level raids, and best in slot for Pre-raiding paladins as well. It has the important info from the Elitist Jerks theorycrafting (widely accepted as the most accurate one out there) while cutting out the walls of text.

They also keep up to the date postings on the WotLK Ret Pally changes because alot of our talents are getting changed (no more 20k crits BUT we will get talented for Hand of Freedom to break CC WHILE we are CC'd instead... a buff in all honesty since it's way more dependable).

Check it out if you have aspirations of spamming Divine Storm or Crusader Strike at any point or if you're just curious.