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Title: 5v5 Guild Arena Team
Post by: Fab on January 11, 2009, 01:42:19 AM
Hey guys,

Before X-mas, a few of us had talked about setting up a 5v5 team.

I believe it was myself, Tris, JR, Emma (i think) and I think Fiere. I was doing some research and I found a similar comp (4/5 the same as us) that are ranked top 5! in 5v5'Ganis/Stupendous_Arena_Team/

The only difference is that their second healer is a shaman, instead of the resto druid we have set up here for us (ie- Fiere)

So, I was just seeing if you guys and gals (or anyone else) were still up for giving it a go and seeing how well we could do ::)

If, so we could maybe get a few games in on Sunday to test it out--yeah we all don't have tip-top resilience and full pvp gear, but I think we'd have a blast trying it out.
As another option for a 2nd healer or a back-up one-- Tweetie, I bg'd with you and gren the other day, and you'd def. make a great healer from what I saw!  :)

Lemme know what you're all thinking!
Title: Re: 5v5 Guild Arena Team
Post by: JohnnieRat on January 11, 2009, 01:47:43 AM
I am so in it's not even funny. We're gonna need to come up with at least a sketch strat (since strats only last til the gates open) as far as who pops what and peels who etc. I'm banking on Tris to know these things =)
Title: Re: 5v5 Guild Arena Team
Post by: fiere redfern on January 11, 2009, 01:50:46 AM
Likewise, but I need to work Sunday starting at 12n server and going until probably 10-11p at night. =/ I'll hop on if I can during that timeframe (should be a break between 2p and 4pish), but I can't make any promises.
Title: Re: 5v5 Guild Arena Team
Post by: Fab on January 11, 2009, 01:56:26 AM
No problem Fiere--

I'll buy the team charter tommorow and at least try to gather some sigs from everyone throughout the day. I'll make a point of being on sometime between 2-4 to get your sig though :)

And yeah, we'll for sure wait on some advice from Tris..he knows his stuff. I was lucky to run a few 5v5 games with him last season, and he's very quick to dish out what needs to be done. As long as we have a vent up, communicating shouldn't be a problem.