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Discontinuing MMO Champion Forum Integration
« on: July 19, 2010, 11:58:06 PM »
Just an FYI to everyone using the forum, I am going to be discontinuing support for MMO Champions's tooltips this evening. In light of all the recent problems with the java lately as well as its recent aquisition by Curse, I dont feel its worth keeping it in the forum with the problems it brings.

Wowhead however will continue to be supported as it has been since that is not problematic. =)

I am exploring options for future inclusion of a custom self-run item database similar to wowhead and mmo-c that might be incorporated later that includes datamined items from upcoming beta's and patches as mmo did.

For those of you who liked it as a part of the forum I am sorry, however it was a huge pain in the ass and I just dont have the patience to maintain it, even less so being a corporate entity now.
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