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ICC25 Runs (Non-Guildies and Guild Friends Please Read)
« on: July 08, 2012, 12:05:56 AM »
Please feel free to invite friends and fellow guild members to tag along with us. My intention is to keep doing this till we all finish the mount achievement and its also a nice way to get the title from Heroic LK when we do that fight (which goes easier with more people).

While you can't sign up on our site as that is restricted to guild members, you can either show up and tell your friend to have us send you an invite or let me know via the forum, on G+ or Twitter if you wish to let me know you want to attend.

The more people we have, the faster these runs go and less stressful for the heroic versions, which LK is still a bit of a pain =)

Just to be clear, YOU CAN attend these raids even if you dont have your character on Alexstrasza. We just need someone in the raid to have your contact info via RealID through either WoW or Diablo 3. You may also add me directly if you wish in case your friend isnt online. They don't also have to attend if you wish to attend.

My contact info:

- @shadowwolf_tw
- Google+
- Blizzard Battletag ID = Shadowwolf#1996
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