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So there is no confusion as to what kind of guild Twilight is and to better help you with your decision to apply if thats the purpose of your visit here, below is a little description of us.

Twilight is whats known as a "Raid-Family Guild" which is a cross between a family guild and a raiding guild and a very rare type of guild to exist. In that, we are a group of people who are set to play together to help one another achieve things like quests, levels, etc, and to experience and overcome new objectives and challenges. In addition to that, we raid endgame content for the fun and challenges of overcoming the obstacles in it. All the while keeping a friendly, laid back, casual atmosphere where the game stays enjoyable to everyone no matter what they choose to do, be it quest, grind, pvp, etc and allow them to play the game as they feel they want to.

Quote from: WoWwiki
A typical "Raid Guild" raids. Raid guilds are usually large guilds who may group with another guild or two to raid high level dungeons. They will usually have raiding schedules. Generally, a raid guild concerns themselves only with raiding, acquiring armor and weapons and phat loot.

Quote from: WoWwiki
A "Family Guild" is a guild where the members are generally very friendly with each other. They are not usually very big guilds, consisting of anywhere between 20-150 members. The members are friendly, caring, and fun to be with, and don't really concern themselves with raiding.

As you can see we are more of a family guild that raids. Everyone takes it easy, loot is distributed fairly, but loot isn't the driving force behind raiding for us. We raid for the enjoyment and the ability to experience content we might not ordinarily get to experience if we weren't a part of a guild like this due to different reasons, be that schedules / play frequency, desire to play alts, desire to PvP more, whatever it is.

At the same time, raids aren't constant. We don't raid 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year for 4-6 hours daily or anything like that. Our schedule on raiding is mixed, some weeks its more than others, usually not less than 1 or 2 times a week but seldom more than 4 times a week and the length of time on each varies. This is to keep things entertaining but also allow people to play the game to their enjoyment in the solo or small group aspect of things.

If you are unsure as to what type of guild is right for you, you should think hard about what you desire for yourself in the game and what you think would give you the enjoyment you seek for your playing experience. If you like raiding, killing big bosses and getting nice items, then a Raiding Guild would probably fit your desires much more. We would also suggest you take a look at some suggestions on choosing the type of guild that is right for you as listed here.
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