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PVP armor
« on: September 25, 2007, 06:02:18 PM »
As a more pvp based just like to ask something to the more veteran pvpr's...
as of todays patch, i should be getting an all out AP chestpiece, some stamina included (ty arc)...
but for pvp/arenas, i rather like my [wowitem]Moonglade Robe[/wowitem], due to the +heal on it and the decent AP and INtel as there any point in keeping both? you cant change armor in arenas anymore, so theres nothing in bringing both of them to it...and for plain battlegrounds, its hard to heal with the crowding you get (unlike AV, where theres an O available)...any responses on this? Kinda having trouble posting on WoW forums because i seem to have clicked something wrong on my first post attempt...
Stats on new chestpiece: 32 STR, 40 AGI, 12 STM, 3 of all color sockets...
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