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WoW 3.0.2 Talents (Holy)
« on: September 21, 2008, 10:33:18 PM »
Played with holy some on the PTR (it's constantly changing and the talent trees aren't updated as quickly as the client is). 

Simply, you'll heal for more for more mana, but you'll also have more mana (I broke 16k) and more methods of mana regeneration.  My Holy light crits went from ~7k-7.5k crits to over 9k, and with Avenging Wrath increasing healing by 20%, 10k isn't unusual.  Additionally, holy shock is useful (!!!!!!!).  It heals more than a standard flash of light (for double the mana) and crits can give you an instant Holy Light (if specced for it).  This combo can lead to 12-15k healing in the span of 2-3 seconds.

Beacon of light was changed and is no longer an AoE HoT (not sure how long it hasn't been a HoT) and now heals the beacon target for whatever people in the beacon's party (within 40 yards) get healed for.  Sadly, this only impacts targets in the Beacon's party, not raid wide like the rest of the buffs tend to go. 

Sadly, there is no variety in healing for pallies anymore.  You max rank everything or it costs more mana.  One NICE addition is Lay on hands not taking 100% of your mana anymore (not sure how much it really takes, the tooltip doesn't say) and the cooldown is changed to 20 mins (16 with talents) so using it isn't necessarily a last resort, more of an "oops, i slipped."

Inscription: The PTR has inscription available (my lock will likely be picking it up) as a tradeskill.  It's impressive so far and adds additional effects to existing spells.  Some increase the duration of a spell, or make it functional in different ways.

Glyph of Holy Light: Nice for healing melee or when grouping is needed with smaller AoE dmg
Glyph of Flash of Light: Looks like it could be interesting.  I haven't gotten my hands on one but if Flash of light remains our primary heal i see it more useless than useful.  For someone who uses Holy light more often it could be nice as a top-off heal to toss on everyone during downtime or transitions.
Glyph of Divinity: Haven't used it yet but it's free mana for a pretty mana-costly spell.

Once 3.0.x comes out there will no longer be any "focus healing on one person and watch them rip everything to shreds" like there can be now in pvp.  Damage is OBSCENE currently in the PTR.  People complain about pvp Ret pallies but everyone is hitting harder and faster.  No matter how much you heal, if the person you're healing in pvp gets focus-fired, they WILL die.  There is nothing that will delay this, it will happen swiftly and you better be running away. I'm assuming this will change with lvl 80 gear, but currently it's just painful (full to dead in under 1 second painful...).

as a note: These are changing frequently, so what may be true now may be wrong tomorrow (or even right now) and this is a TEST realm, so the changes are not final as of yet.
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Re: WoW 3.0.2 Talents (Holy)
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2008, 08:05:21 AM »
GOOD stuff capn...the patch will most likely be out before I hit 70 and respec my pally to holy, so my first healing experience will be with these new talents...good info man