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Heirloom Items (Bind to Account)
« on: October 11, 2008, 04:14:46 AM »
Some people havent heard of this yet, so heres the info:

Quote from: Tigole
You guys have discovered our Heirloom items. These (as you know) are Bound to account, which means you can mail them to any character on the same realm. They also scale with level. So you can mail these to a level one character and it will have appropriate stats (although slightly uber) for about 10 levels and then the item scales in power again, all the way up to how you're seeing it now.

We're also going to add some Bind on Account non-scaling items for higher level alts. in the future.

Quote from: Verimonde
It's great to see such a positive reaction to the Heirloom items. Let me elaborate on how these work for everyone.

1) Heirloom items Bind to Account. This means you can mail them between other characters on your account of the same faction.

2) Heirloom items' stats scale to the level of the person wearing them.

3) Heirlooms' power is equivalent to a blue item of the characters level.

4) Heirloom armor pieces will transform based on the type of the gear the character is capable of wearing. That is to say Heirlooms that are Plate on a level 80 character will be mail when equipped by a level 1-39 character who can wear plate. Items that are Mail on a level 80 character, such as Herod's Shoulders, will be equippable by people who can wear Mail armor at level 40.

We wanted to add something to the game for people interested in trying new classes or who just generally love playing alts, and what's more fun than using an Arcanite Reaper on your level 1 Warrior ;)

We are intending to expand where we use the "Account Bound" flag over time but for now Heirlooms are the only items that work this way. We also intend to expand the types of ways that Heirlooms can be attained but for now they are only purchasable via Emblems of Heroism (the new BoJ) and Stone Keeper's Shards, which are attained by killing any dungeon boss in Northrend while your faction controls Wintergrasp.

As for enchanting these items, they can only be the recipient of anything that you could put on a level one item.

Bloodied Arcanite Reaper
Balanced Heartseeker
Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge
Charmed Ancient Bone Bow
Dignified Headmaster Charge
Devout Aurastone Hammer

Polished Spaulders of Valor
Champion Herod's Shoulder
Mystical Pauldrons of Elements
Preened Ironfeather Shoulders
Tattered Dreadmist Mantle

Swift Hand of Justice
Discerning Eye of the Beast
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